Why is SEO Friendly Website So Important?

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It is not easy to foresee what the ROI is when it comes to building your website. Thus, it is also very common for people to overlook the benefits of an SEO friendly website. You may skeptical at first as you think the results of website SEO is hard to measure. It is understandable that you will be tempted to create a free or basic website (bad idea!) due to a tight budget. But if you are thinking about building a personal or company brand with a strong online presence – you should not underestimate an SEO friendly website

An SEO friendly website is not only limited to web design; but also SEO copywriting (or Search Engine Optimization copywriting). You need to know how to optimize website for SEO in both design and copywriting. Below are the 5 tips for your SEO friendly website design guidelines.

5 Reasons Why an SEO Friendly Website can Drive Your Business

1. It’s Fast and Easy to Navigate

Every business needs more customers: whether you are in an e-commerce business or a professional. An SEO website can help you sell your services or products online. It can also bring more customers to your physical business if you don’t sell online. 

Who doesn’t like free things? But there are several problems with free website templates. One of them is that free websites are often very slow and hard to navigate. They tend to have errors that prevent a good user experience (UX) compared to an SEO optimized website. Eventually, it turns your visitors away and they will never come back.

On the other hand, websites with SEO copywriting and design in mind have the following advantages: a minimal loading rate, a simple and intuitive structure, and a responsive interface. That is, they adapt to the device you are using so that you can enjoy a correct display. We must emphasize that the loading speed of your website plays a very important role in your search ranking.

2. An SEO Friendly Website Helps Attract Visitors

For a website to bring you profits, it is not enough to just get traffic. You also need to attract potential customers. A well-designed webpage SEO helps you to visually attract your ideal type of clients. This is a long term strategy. Because it makes search engines consider your SEO website relevant to other users with a similar profile. Hence, the search engine will then show them your website in the results of the searches they carry out in the future.

In this sense, it is vitally important that you define what your target audience is. Then, you must use the copywriting keywords and visual elements related to your business. The visual elements have to be attractive and the copywriting content must be valuable. Consider copywriting strategies that offer help or a solution to your audience. 

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3. Your SEO Friendly Website Contributes to Good User Experience (UX)

Surely it has happened to you that you enter a site and want to search for particular information, but you couldn’t find it. You may have even tried to click all the available buttons but still couldn’t locate the content that you need. Not to mention you have visited websites created decades ago with tons of broken links.

For a website to be SEO friendly, it is a fundamental requirement that it meets the criteria of consistency, organization, and functionality. It shall also have frequent updates. In other words, if you invest in an SEO optimized website provided by a professional, you already know that good user experience is guaranteed.

4. An SEO Friendly Website Is Optimized to Share

Imagine that when you manage to attract your potential customers to your website. After navigating the website and your customers have decided to buy from you, they do not know how to do that. This is because your website design and copywriting do not lead your customers step-by-step to closing the sale.  

The instruction and direction have to be clear when you want conversion. Conversions include contacting you for more information, paying for a product directly on your website, downloading content, filling out a survey, and scheduling an appointment. The conversion steps (including design and copywriting) for visitors to perform must be easy, simple, and clear.

SEO copywriting and web design must achieve the purpose of guiding the users to navigate the website as intuitive as possible. So that you can achieve your final conversion goal through all the necessary micro-conversions. Micro-conversions mean leading your audience to watch a video or read a particular piece of information.

5. An SEO Friendly Website Increases Free Organic Traffic

The main reason why copywriting SEO and web design SEO have become increasingly important is because of the search engine algorithm. Nowadays, Google gives special importance to the appearance and user experience of a website to determine its ranking. In other words, SEO copywriting and SEO web design ensure that a site is much easier to position higher for free.

The organic visits to your website are most likely coming from the search engine. These organic visits are also known as organic traffic. This is why we keep emphasizing that an SEO optimized website is worth investing in. The reason is simple: you will save a lot of money in the long run without having to pay for expensive advertisements on Google.

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How to Make a Web Design and Copywriting Optimized for SEO?

Website design and copywriting that is not created with SEO in mind can be improved by implementing various changes. Increased SEO performance is impossible without these improvements. However, for a website to be truly optimized for search engines, you must invest in both the web design and SEO copywriting from the very beginning. 

Starting from scratch means that you will have every detail thought out to achieve your website SEO objectives. Only then you will be able to get a lot of quality organic traffic and boost conversion. 

Word Philocaly’s Website SEO and SEO Copywriting

You can consult with Word Philocaly for a comprehensive range of services. Our services include website SEO copywriting, web design, web development, website localization, website translation, and many others – all tailored to you from scratch. 

What if you have already had a website design and basic content in place and you’re not thinking to invest in a brand new website? Don’t worry. Because we can help you optimize and modernize the existing one with both web design SEO and SEO copywriting. 

Our team at Word Philocaly is made up of professional copywriters, web designers and developers, and SEO specialists with experience in different industries. Maximize the potential of your website now. Send us an email or just ring us

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