How to Write a Company Profile for New Business

how to write a company profile

Regardless of whether you are a startup, a small-medium enterprise, or a large company, you need to write a company profile. This is because a company profile in Malaysia is imperative for your business presence in the country and all over the world. A company profile does not only reflect how you run the company and what are the goals that you’re pursuing, but it is also an important middleman. Why is it a middleman? Because it helps you foster new business relationships with customers.

How to Write a Company Profile: It Varies Depending on Your Platform

Your business company profile is required on different social and marketing platforms, both online and offline. So other than websites, blogs, and social media platforms, a company profile should also present in all your marketing media such as industry magazines, brochures, and flyers. 

However, this does not mean that you should write a company profile that is entirely the same for all platforms. Instead, writing a company profile that is based on each platform’s or channel’s requirements will serve your business better in the long run.

For example, imagine that you would like to create a company profile that is printed on a customer magazine or the flyer. You will surely already notice that such an undertaking would be very challenging in terms of space.

It is better if you write a company profile that is tailored to the respective platform.

Write a Company Profile As a Snapshot of Your Business

When you write a company profile, you should never forget that this is a snapshot of your business. Imagine it like a portrait that a painter creates: if the artist paints a young woman, for instance, he portrays her with all the particulars in one moment of her life. A few years later, this portrait may no longer up-to-date and due to a change of this woman’s circumstances. Thus, a reconditioning is needed.

The situation is similar to your company profile: after some time it will no longer up-to-date. For this reason, you should update and edit your company profile to keep up with the change. If there are fundamental changes in operation or your company is going through significant reforms, you should these modifications in your company profile.

Create a Company Profile with a Temporal Structure

Create a fixed schedule that you will check on your company profile from time to time to see if it’s still current and practical. While it’s important to keep your company profile updated, you shouldn’t overdo it. Depending on the size of the company and changes, it is sufficient to make some sort of improvement of the company profile once a year.

However, this number is only a guideline and it varies for each company and industry. The update is crucial so that potential new customers and existing customer base are always informed about the company’s latest changes or innovations.

What Information Should be Included in a Company Profile in Malaysia?

The information you should put in your company differs from company to company. A company profile shall consist of essential facts that represent the company and inform the readers. As a rule of thumb, what company profile should include are listed below:

  • The year of foundation
  • The full names of the founders
  • The professional titles of the founders
  • The names of the managers
  • The number of employees
  • The headquarter’s location and the other branch locations
  • Symbolic milestones of the company
  • Significant cooperations or partnerships with other companies
  • Important customers of the company
  • A comprehensible philosophy of the company
  • Awards, nominations, and accreditations

You can discuss each point to decide which points can finally make it into the company profile. It is worthwhile, for example, to brainstorm with your employees to get new ideas. Customers or suppliers may also be able to open up new perspectives that you can use for the implementation.

how to write who we are company profile

Tips to Write a Company Profile

The following applies: a company profile is a representation of your company to the outside world. Your company profile must remain objective and neutral in this regard. Considering that a company profile is not an advertisement for your business. 

Differentiate yourself from your competitors as much as possible by writing creatively and finding your unique selling point(s).

Always think about your target group, your potential, and existing customers, and then align your company profile’s content accordingly. Therefore, a simple and conversational language is more suitable, without any technical terms or jargon. Also, match the tone of voice to your readers and the respective platforms. 

In this way, you can build your presence on different platforms of a diverse audience. Furthermore, write a company profile in the present tenses, except for past events that are mentioned. Because present tenses allow your audiences to read better. And they understand the company profile as current and in its latest version. 

Finally, you should review the content and make sure that you have presented your company of its past, present, and future. For example, it’s very useful to include an outlook of your company’s future goals when creating a company profile. This offers you the best opportunities to address both new and existing customers by getting them excited about your company.

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