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How to Translate Website to English and Increase SEO?

Once the website of your company or business has been developed and designed, it’s time to consider how to translate your website. In Malaysia, translating a web page can improve its SEO positioning.

There is a large number of quick options that you can use, but what is the best one to help achieve your SEO and business goals? As experts in SEO and translation services in Malaysia, we’ll answer your question in this post.

Why should you translate website to English?

Before starting, it is important to be clear that the objective of SEO website translation is to make a website appear at top results on search engines.

This positioning is determined through factors such as the user’s most-search words and other structural elements of a page. Thus, SEO works in non-paid spaces, that is, in organic searches.

All those pages that appear in the top positions on Google or Yahoo have specific strategies to get them there. So how does it relate to translate website into English? 

If your page is already well-positioned or you’re working on it to achieve that desired rank – you want to offer your information in other languages, particularly English. You must consider how to translate your website. This is to maintain or even improve your website positioning. 

The positioning that you already have in one language does not automatically transfer to the versions of your page in other languages. Remember: users do searches by keying in specific words. Only human translation can identify these words based on the user’s search intent.

This means that each language must have an SEO strategy. So, if you want to translate website to English or other languages, you need a completely new website.

Best way to translate a website

Important Elements to Translate Website to English

When considering how to translate a page, do know that you want acceptable words and phrases in terms of SEO. Thus, a general translation (or worse, an automatic translation) is not enough. You need a specialized translation. Here are the best ways to translate a website:

1) Specialized Translation with SEO Expert Review 

Each industry has its technical terms and specific words when it comes to searches. You need an expert with industry knowledge to translate a message from its original language to the target language. This industry expert can be one of your coworkers or employee; however, when it comes to SEO, the effectiveness of their translation may fall short.

Remember when you translate website to English or translate website to Chinese or Malay, your website SEO positioning requires specific structures and conditions. For instance, the use of keywords. Translating a keyword literally from a language to another, you’re just wasting your time and resources. Because this literal translation may not be what users are searching for in their native language. This is why you need a specialized translation: an expert with both industry and SEO knowledge. 

2) Automatic Translation with SEO Expert Review 

If you have a budget to outsource your website translation, here’s what you can do. This is also one of the most used options to translate website pages. For example, the Google Chrome browser actually allows immediate and free website translation with just one click.

The result of these unreviewed machine translations can backfire. As they often include a large number of context inconsistencies, or translated words that don’t make sense at all. This makes it difficult for readers to understand. As a result, users lose interest in reading, and you lose your website ranking.

Therefore, if you really, REALLY have to use an machine online translation, don’t forget to get an SEO expert. An SEO specialist helps you review, edit, and optimize your website so that your potential clients can find you by searches. 

As you know, Word Philocaly has a team of language, website development, and SEO specialists. We work together to help translate website to English, Chinese, Malay, and other languages. Our know-how experts guarantee maximum results in translating a web page for you. 

Translate website to Chinese

Translate Website to English: Professional SEO Process

When you’re considering how to translate your website into English, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or any other language, don’t limit yourself to simply translating the content.  It is important to seek advice from SEO experts in Malaysia, preferably before the translation process. The reason is to guarantee the best results. 

This is how the process of a professional website translation service in Malaysia looks like. First of all, we identify the keywords of the text in its source language. Then, for each keyword, we consider three possible translations in the target language. We also make use of several analytics tools to determine which keyword alternatives are most suitable for your website.

Moving on, we will develop a glossary of keywords in its target language. This keyword glossary makes it easy for our expert translator to come up with the final translated text. In this way, your website will have a great translation combined with an effective SEO strategy.

We will also look into fundamental aspects such as the minimum length of the page entries; titles formats; descriptions and meta tags – to boost your website position. Not only that, but our SEO professionals can also provide some important keyword ideas for your content generation. This is critical because content with carefully implemented keywords will help maintain and improve your ranking consistently.  

Word Philocaly Assists You to Translate Website to English, Malay, and Chinese

Word Philocay hopes that you find these recommendations for website translation helpful! 

Remember, on a final note, in the sea of World Wide Webs, accurately translating a web page with SEO implemented is super important. A well-positioned website can translate into more presence and more sales. This is the end goal of any business, isn’t it? At Word Philocaly, we are the experts in SEO and translation services in Malaysia you’re looking for. Be sure to pick up your phone (or fingers) and contact us today!

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