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Content Marketing in Malaysia: Why Is It Important?

Digital marketing has been a real revolution for companies. One of its many aspects is content marketing, which offers multiple advantages to grow your business. Are you excited to know what it is and how it can help you achieve great results? We’ll tell you all about it in this content marketing guide.


What is content marketing in Malaysia?

I am convinced that you have already heard the famous phrase, “content is king” and it is not surprising. The following data prove the effectiveness of content marketing and copywriting. 


According to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute, 56% of companies consider content marketing to be their fastest growing area; 70% consider that their marketing strategies are more effective than the previous year; 93% have confirmed that they have consistently committed to content writing for marketing.


Content marketing is a marketing technique that seeks to create content that is interesting and relevant to users. The value of content marketing is its ability to attract and connect with the audiences. 


Generating content has become one of the biggest concerns of companies to establish contact and relationship with customers. Content marketing for B2B is one of the most efficient strategies right now. But, why is content marketing important? Why has it become such a fundamental for marketing in general?


“If traditional marketing has always spoken to people, content marketing  speaks WITH them.”


Objectives of Content Marketing in Malaysia

The primary goal of content marketing is to generate attractive content for the audience. The content proceeds with attracting the audiences’ attention until they become customers. There are also other purposes of content marketing you can see below:


Gain visibility

In content marketing, it is pivotal to put in as much creativity as possible in content development. A marketing content writer and creator shall make content more visual and more dynamic. The combination of texts, designs, and other media is key. Plus, continuous innovation in the formats and processes is necessary to generate interest.


Give value to the company

A company’s knowledge and expertise are one of the most powerful weapons at its disposal. If a company is aware of the customer’s concerns and interests through helpful content, people will perceive the company in a positive light. This is when a company can create the desired engagement with audiences and clients.


Customer loyalty

The type of content is essential to connect with a specific customer profile. If there are common points of interest, customers will feel more connected to the brand. Hence, they will become the brand or company’s loyal customers. A loyal customer not only brings in repeating sales; they also grow a community around the brand.


Establish a strong network of contacts

Thanks to content marketing, making yourself known online can bring enormous benefits. You’re not just getting more customers; people will perceive your business as an important brand in your niche. 


Content marketing for small businesses and large corporations will open doors to a large number of contacts. Conversion is essential in content development; lead generation enables you to establish useful relationships.


Increase commercial sales

It used to be the most important goal of content marketing in Malaysia. However, this has ceased to be the only objective. Brand reputation has come before sales for many companies as their top reason for using content marketing: copywritingwebsite content writingSEO content marketing, social media content writing, etc. 

why use content marketing in malaysia

Benefits of Content Marketing in Malaysia


Enhance the company’s positive image

Writing content that is helpful for the audience and customers increases a company’s positive image. Getting audiences to place their trust in your company is a necessary aspect to boost your business.


Increase credibility

Content writing that solves customer’s doubts and problems has a huge impact on your company’s credibility. Content about solutions that your products or services provide tells your customers that you’re professional and trustworthy. 


Boost your website traffic

SEO plays a very important role in your website positioning. Quality SEO content marketing enables your website to appear on the first page of SERPs. Websites with a higher rank on search engines draw more traffics. 


Heighten brand awareness 

The audience can learn more about your brand or company via your website. This translates into greater brand awareness. Knowledge about the brand and your business means that more sales would occur in the future.


Create uniqueness

Content marketing helps you to find your target audience who seek your solutions. If your competitors haven’t had a content marketing strategy in place, you stand the chance to be unique and different. Your uniqueness creates a breeding ground for more leads and sale conversions. 


Cost-saving communication

Content marketing allows you to connect with your clients in a more convenient and more cost-saving way. Also, if your content is valuable, it can even go viral and get high views and countless clicks. 


Make an informed purchase decision

The best content writing has the ability to provide focus recommendations and advice to customers. With useful information, customers can make a purchase decision based on their interests, needs, and wants. When a customer knows what to buy, the higher chance you can close a deal and increase sales.


Types of Content Marketing in Malaysia

How content marketing works is not rocket science. It works by producing valuable and juicy content to generate engagement. In the competitive world of content marketing, you must be constantly innovative and creative.


That’s why there are many types of content marketing out there. Businesses often use a combination of at least 2 or 3 of them as a good content strategy.



They are the simplest method of content marketing to get audiences’ attention. The entire Internet is full of images, either for product promotions or giving value to a brand.



Companies translate the information in a text to a more visual approach through infographics. An infographic includes percentages, charts, and relevant information, adapted in a simpler visual format for audiences.



Videos are one of the most attractive types of content marketing formats. This is because visitors can understand the text concept with combined use of video. 



Tutorials have also become a very useful type of content. Thye can either demonstrate a product or explain how it works.


Ebooks or guides: 

Both methods have a very similar format. Their objective is to expand information, delving into a topic of importance to audiences.



They contain very useful information on one or a few subjects. Presentations condense a lot of information in a single format. Slideshare is one of the most-used platforms for presentations.


Apps and games: 

Oftentimes, their functionality is related to a company’s activity and announcements. It is an innovative way of establishing contact with users through other channels.



They have become a very popular method to get leads in content marketing in Malaysia. Through this type of platform, companies make contact with people who are interested in the company’s offers. These offers are free training, free insider information, free workshops, or other relevant events.


Content Marketing and Copywriting Examples


Nike knows that content marketing is a very powerful tool that adds value to audiences. That’s why the company developed its APP: Nike + Training Club.

In this mobile application, users have more than 180 specific training sessions, tips, exercises, fitness routines, and programs at their disposal. it also has videos and expert trainers to help you overcome challenges and shape your desired body.  

Without a doubt, this is a great example of effective content marketing.

servis copywriting malaysia


The Swedish furniture and home decoration multinational company knows why content marketing is important. So it develops its content strategy with a combination of several approaches: social media content writing, videos, blogs content writing, website content writing, etc. 

Its blog, known as “IKEA Ideas“, has become one of its main platforms for content generation. You can find ideas, tips, and tricks about IKEA’s home products and decorations. IKEA doesn’t focus on the features of their furniture, but it teaches you how you can create the dream home you want.

As we have seen throughout this article, content marketing in Malaysia is becoming so relevant to almost every business. Therefore, many companies in Malaysia adopt content marketing (particularly in content writing) as their top digital marketing strategy. 

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